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We support busy English language teachers like you to master new challenges by providing expert guidance right when you need it. Each bite-sized course is designed to be just 20 minutes long, so you can quickly get what you need. And there's no waiting around for a scheduled start - courses are on-demand, ready when you are. We have a pipeline of courses, so your support network just keeps on growing.

We find experts in the field from all over the world and invite them to write courses for us.

26 authors from 12 countries. A pipeline of new courses.

Actively participate in your learning

All of our courses are interactive, with feedback to make sure the message is clear. When relevant, courses also include downloadable materials to use in class, or as part of your on-going reflective practice.


Purchase a monthly subscription, or a 6-month or 12-month pass, and get access to ALL courses on Language Fuel, including all new courses which get published.

Reviews from professional associations

What do professional English teaching associations around the world have to say about the Language Fuel (Previously ELT Training Library)? Click below to read some reviews! 
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What people have to say

Katherine Quigley


…[F]or teachers who wish to upskill, Language Fuel have created a resource library which is engaging, practical, up to date and easily accessible from the comfort of home – perfect for the current state of the world.

Dorothy Thwaite

Programmes Projects and Support Coordinator at English Language Partners

This training is the best PD that I know of for busy teachers! ELP’s many teachers work, often part time, all around NZ and we’re all short of time. More have accessed Language Fuel PD this year than any other single PD course or site. ​The mini-courses are achievable in one short “sitting”; the presentation style engages teachers. The practical topics align well with our centre and national PD events.

Clare McGrath

Reviewer for English Australia

Headlined by the legendary Jill Hadfield, the contributors are very experienced teachers, authors and presenters. The majority of the current 16 are women; all have an impressive diversity of linguistic and cultural origins and experience round the globe.

Language teacher

Auckland, New Zealand

Although I have been teaching for 30 years, I still highly recommend this [site]. Looking forward to doing other courses!

Katherine Quigley


Subscription gives full access to Language Fuel’s ever-growing bank of…bite-sized, interactive courses, designed to provide for the range of TESOL needs, from novice to experienced ESOL teachers.

Language teacher

Wellington, New Zealand

A great website, very collaborative and well designed. Supportive and engaging too. Well done.

Katherine Quigley


…[T]he authors are an impressive bunch, well-qualified and experienced practitioners from all around the globe. Many are award-winning published experts in their field.

Clare McGrath

Reviewer for English Australia

…[W]ell designed and easy to navigate. Courses are clearly described and have attractive visuals…the courses help develop an understanding of basic guidelines as well as of students. They also supply a number of immediately useful materials, and they build confidence.

Language teacher

Wellington, New Zealand

This has been a brilliant opportunity to engage in professional development at my own pace and being able to choose the topics that interest me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are the courses just 20 minutes long?

    Our first customers told us that anything longer than 20 minutes was too hard to finish in one sitting. So we determined to make all of our courses an average of 20-minutes long. This is why many courses are part of a series. There is always more to learn about a topic than what one 20-minute course can tell you.

  • What currency are your prices in?

    The prices you see online are in USD. If you would like to purchase in your currency, find a local reseller on our 'Contact' page. They can sell you access passes in your own currency. If there is no reseller for your area, contact your local languages resource store, and invite them to get in touch. We can quickly establish a reseller agreement with them.

  • Can I get my whole staff on board?

    Yes, Language Fuel works best when colleauges are sharing what they are learning with one another. Contact us or your local reseller to purchase bulk annual passes for the whole team. We can also allow you to look around the site for a week, to determine if Language Fuel will be a good addition to your existing PD programme.

  • Can I have a free trial?

    We have a couple of free courses available for you to check out, without needing to pay anything. Our monthly subscription also comes with a 7-day free trial. You can cancel any time within those 7 days, and you will not be charged.

  • Can I get a refund?

    We have a couple of free courses available, and we include a free 7-day trial in our subscription product. This is sufficient to determine whether Language Fuel will be a good fit for you. We do not offer refunds.

  • There are more topics which could be included. Can you add more courses?

    Absolutely. We have several courses in the pipeline, but we're always keen to hear from our customers about which courses they would like to see added. So drop us a line, and let us know!

  • How do you ensure quality of your courses?

    We make sure all of our authors are well experienced and qualified. (Check them out on our 'Authors' page!). We also have a rigorous editing process, to make sure the content is in-line with the current ELT industry standards.

  • What are your terms and conditions?

    You can view our terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy, at www.languagefuel.com/terms.

  • Can I buy coupons and gift them to a teacher?

    Yes absolutely. We can create coupons, and sell them, so the receiver does not need to pay with a credit card. Please get in touch to arrange this.