How do Language Fuel courses complement the PD you already provide?

  • Manageable

    Each course is only 20 minutes long, recognising teachers' busy schedules.

  • Affordable

    Licensing Language Fuel courses is a fraction of what guest speakers, teacher trainers or seminars can cost. Add this as a low-cost option to your repertoire.

  • Comprehensive

    There are over 90 courses with new ones added periodically. They map to all different stages of the EAQUALS framework for language teacher development.

  • Self-access

    Courses are 100% on-demand and online. Professional development can happen anywhere, anytime. A great complement to your face-to-face workshops.

  • Teacher-centric

    Each teacher gets the input they need. Teachers can do a self-assessment, to discover their 'growing edge' and choose courses to meet their needs.

How do we guarantee the quality of our courses?

We find experts in the field from all over the world and invite them to write courses for us.

27 authors from 12 countries. A pipeline of new courses.

What do our courses look like?

They are interactive, practical and fun!

"There is an enticing range of activities... you tick, flip tiles, drag-and-drop, match, do multiple-choice quizzes, click on hot spots and so on".

When relevant, our courses include downloadable materials to use in class, or as part of teachers' on-going reflective practice.

How do teachers find the courses they need? 3-step process.

Teachers complete self assessment

Teachers use the European Profiling Grid booklet or the online eGrid. These are both available via the EAQUALS website.

Compare results with our list of courses

Based on their EAQUALS self-assessment, teachers determine which courses on Language Fuel are most relevant for them..

Start personal learning pathway

Teachers follow their own learning pathway. Reflection worksheets can be used in professional conversations, and provide a focus for ongoing observations.

Language Fuel courses can be hosted on any Learning Management System.

Get in touch for further information.

Reviews from professional associations

What do professional English teaching associations around the world have to say about the Language Fuel (Previously ELT Training Library)? Click below to read some reviews! 
(Want to write a review for your local association? Get in touch!)

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What people have to say

Katherine Quigley


…[F]or teachers who wish to upskill, Language Fuel have created a resource library which is engaging, practical, up to date and easily accessible from the comfort of home – perfect for the current state of the world.

Dorothy Thwaite

Programmes Projects and Support Coordinator at English Language Partners

This training is the best PD that I know of for busy teachers! ELP’s many teachers work, often part time, all around NZ and we’re all short of time. More have accessed Language Fuel PD this year than any other single PD course or site. ​The mini-courses are achievable in one short “sitting”; the presentation style engages teachers. The practical topics align well with our centre and national PD events.

Clare McGrath

Reviewer for English Australia

Headlined by the legendary Jill Hadfield, the contributors are very experienced teachers, authors and presenters. The majority of the current 16 are women; all have an impressive diversity of linguistic and cultural origins and experience round the globe.

Language teacher

Auckland, New Zealand

Although I have been teaching for 30 years, I still highly recommend this [site]. Looking forward to doing other courses!

Katherine Quigley


Subscription gives full access to Language Fuel’s ever-growing bank of…bite-sized, interactive courses, designed to provide for the range of TESOL needs, from novice to experienced ESOL teachers.

Language teacher

Wellington, New Zealand

A great website, very collaborative and well designed. Supportive and engaging too. Well done.

Katherine Quigley


…[T]he authors are an impressive bunch, well-qualified and experienced practitioners from all around the globe. Many are award-winning published experts in their field.

Clare McGrath

Reviewer for English Australia

…[W]ell designed and easy to navigate. Courses are clearly described and have attractive visuals…the courses help develop an understanding of basic guidelines as well as of students. They also supply a number of immediately useful materials, and they build confidence.

Language teacher

Wellington, New Zealand

This has been a brilliant opportunity to engage in professional development at my own pace and being able to choose the topics that interest me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate.

Annemarie Kiely

Assistant DOS, Sydney English Language Academy

I couldn't recommend Language Fuel enough! There is such a wide range of courses available to suit everyone's needs - even teachers who had been teaching for a long time could find courses to develop their existing skills. The platform is really easy to use, and the courses are excellently designed. It was great to see teachers discussing the different courses they had done and sharing their knowledge/ ideas in the staffroom afterwards.

Find us on Future Learn!

A small selection of Language Fuel courses have been published on Future Learn. This is a great option if you are an individual teacher wanting access. Access is free, with an option to upgrade to receive a certificate.

Find us on EC by go1

The whole Language Fuel collection can be accessed with a school subscription to EC by go1. This is a great option if your organisation does not have its own learning management system.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can individual teachers purchase access?

    No. Language Fuel courses are only hosted by other organisations (associations, publishers, ministries of education) for the teachers they support. As an individual teacher, you can access a handful of our courses on Future Learn. ( As a language school, your institution can access the Language Fuel collection by subscribing to EC by Go1 (

  • Why are the courses just 20 minutes long?

    Our first customers told us that anything longer than 20 minutes was too hard to finish in one sitting. So we determined to make all of our courses an average of 20-minutes long. This is why many courses are part of a series. There is always more to learn about a topic than what one 20-minute course can tell you.

  • How do you ensure quality of your courses?

    We make sure all of our authors are well experienced and qualified. (Check them out on our 'Authors' page!). We also have a rigorous editing process, to make sure the content is in-line with the current ELT industry standards.

  • Can you add more courses?

    Absolutely. We have several courses in the pipeline, but we're always keen to hear from you directly about which courses your teachers need.

  • We have an LMS for our chain of language schools. Can we load your courses on there?

    Yes! We use remote SCORM technology to deliver our SCORM packages onto your SCORM-compliant LMS. Get in touch to discuss this option.

  • Can you help us get an LMS for our school/association?

    Yes! The team behind Language Fuel (Pukeko Learning Solutions) is very happy to work with you to meet your needs. We can create a custom site, with your branding. There are many benefits of this for your organisation. Contact us to request a quote.