We’re on the lookout for authors at the Language Fuel ELT Training library.


Who are we?

Language Fuel publishes online courses for English Language Teacher professional development.

Our materials

All of our courses are short, practical, and interactive.

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How it works:


You let us know that you’re interested in being an author.




One of the Language Fuel Team will get in touch.



We’ll talk about your experience, and what topic you might like to write about.



If it’s a good fit, we agree on a course, and sign a legal agreement.


We develop the course and publish it in our training library.

You approve the design.



We design it to be suitable for online consumption.



You write the course and give us the raw material.




You enjoy receiving royalties each month.



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How do royalties work?

The nutsheel version: Each month, all post-tax revenue and all post-affiliate commission from our training library is split 50-50 between our company and an “author pool”. Each author gets their portion of the author pool based on the proportion of courses they had published in that month.

How long should the courses be?

We like to keep our courses short and sweet, so people can learn from them in one short sitting. Ideally, no course would be longer than 20 minutes. If your course material is longer than that, we will work with you to break it up into a series of mini-courses.

What format do the materials need to be in?

You will submit the course material in a Word document, using a template that we provide you with.

We then develop that course into an online course, using specialist software that we have licenses for. Our 'Author Pack' will guide you as to what types of online activities are possible, so you can at least recommend the types of activities that you would like to see.

We have an in-house instructional designer, who makes sure the right activity types are chosen, to match the type of learning you are creating.

Our editors will work with you to make sure we have everything we need.

I have written for print before, but not for online courses. Is that ok?

Yes. We will provide you with examples of what is possible, and if you have some ideas for how your material could become suitable for online interaction, do include them. Otherwise, our instructional designer will ‘translate’ your work into a format that will be visually appealing and interactive for online learners. You will have the opportunity to approve the final course before it gets published.

Who owns the copyright of the courses I write?

Language Fuel will own the copyright of the courses you submit. We will have a legal agreement for you to sign, which assigns copyright of your materials to us. For this reason, it is extremely important that the material you submit to us has not been published anywhere else.

What topics are you looking for?

Our content editors will put out a specific call for materials to the authors who have expressed interest with us. If you don’t have ideas for that specific content, but have other ideas, you are welcome to pro-actively let us know what kind of material you could provide.