What is included in the free access?

There are a bunch of courses included in the Language Fuel free access. See a preview list below, and click 'View all courses' to see them all.


  • Are these courses relevant for all English teachers?

    This free access is particularly good for teachers just starting out in their career, or for more experienced teachers who are interested in confirming their best practices. Access all Language Fuel courses with a full subscription.

  • How long do I have access to these courses?

    When you enrol in this free access, you have unlimited access to these foundation courses.

  • Do these courses guarantee that I will pass the CELTA course?

    If you work through all of these courses, you have a higher chance of understanding and passing the CELTA course, but we make no guarantees that you will pass. We are independent from any teacher training provider.

  • Is this the equivalent of an online CELTA course?

    These courses give you an excellent foundation for taking any pre-service qualification. However, there is no practical element included. If you wish to gain a qualification as an English teacher, you will still need to pass a CELTA course, or other pre-service training course.

  • Do these courses apply to the Trinity course as well?

    Yes, this bundle of courses will help prepare you for any pre-service teacher training programme.

Want even more courses?

If you want access to all Language Fuel courses, you can get a full subscription.

  • $99.00 / year with 7 day free trial

    $99.00 / year with 7 day free trialLanguage Fuel All Courses

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  • $99.00 / year with 7 day free trial

    $99.00 / year with 7 day free trialLanguage Fuel All Courses

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