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When you have a grammar lesson to teach, do you tend to start with a grammar book and research the grammar point so you can explain it well and give your students lots of examples? Do you sometimes feel that the explanation and examples are not enough? In this course, we’ll explore ways of starting with a context and using it to bring the grammar to life for you and your students.


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Introducing Grammar in Context

Maria Fernanda Rodriquez

Course Author

Course Author

Jane Comyns Carr

Jane is an English language teacher, teacher trainer, manager and writer. Over the last thirty or so years she has worked in the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Australia and now lives and works in New Zealand. Jane started writing for Pearson Education while training teachers on Cambridge Celta and Delta courses in London. She has co-authored several student’s books, workbooks and teacher’s books for the Cutting Edge series. While running training courses in Sydney she wrote a series of online courses for AMES Australia, including a training course for home tutors of migrants and refugees.