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This course is the second in the Classroom Dynamics series. It presents practical classroom activities designed to raise awareness of what it means to work in a group. They make aspects of group processes explicit to the students and encourage discussion of what makes a good group and how students can help each other.

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Raising Student Awareness of Group Dynamics

Peter Strutt

Lots of good ideas.

Lots of good ideas.

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Course Author & Consulting Editor Jill Hadfield

Jill has been teaching English and training English teachers for many years. She has had a global career, with time spent in the UK, France, China, Tibet, Madagascar, and most recently New Zealand. She has also travelled extensively to dozens of countries, giving workshops, sharing research at conferences and promoting the books she has written. She has written dozens of books and numerous articles on English Language Teaching, published by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson, Routledge, Macmillan, MET, ETP and online websites. In 2018, Jill was a finalist for both the Ben Warren Award and the ELTons Awards for Innovation in Teacher Resources.