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In the typical timetable, the English teacher has lots of aspects of the language to cover. So is there really time for Extensive Reading? The answer is yes! This course stresses the fact that Extensive Reading, or ER, is an indispensable part of learning a language. It offers repeated exposure to large amounts of English in a way that no other aspect of the timetable can. 

The course covers the following topics: What is Extensive Reading? How can it help learners to learn English more effectively? How can it be integrated into a school learning programme so that it becomes a natural part of language learning? 

Course Author

Course Author

Sue Leather

Sue Leather is an ELT Consultant, Trainer and Writer. She is Director of Sue Leather Associates, an ELT Consultancy group which supports international ELT projects, both face-to-face and online. Sue has also written some 30 graded readers with publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Cengage/National Geographic. She won the Language Learner Literature Award in 2005 for her reader Dead Cold and has been nominated twice. She is a board member of the Extensive Reading Foundation. ​An enthusiastic proponent of extensive reading, she has talked to teachers about using graded readers around the world.

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