Course Description

Use your ability to speak English to generate some extra income, and make a difference in your community. We walk you through the key factors you need to consider and help you create a plan to get started with your own English Conversation Class. At the end of this course, you will have a realistic business plan and some fun, real-world ideas for kick-starting your class.


Course Author

Course Author

Julie Belding

Julie has a Masters degree in languages. She has enjoyed writing throughout her life and worked for two decades as a magazine editor. She is currently the co-director of a small publishing company, DayStar Books, for which she also edits manuscripts. In 2014 she gained a certificate in teaching English as a Second Language, and enjoys volunteer leadership of a weekly conversation class for immigrants. When not writing, editing or teaching, she enjoys tramping, Scrabble, and five lively grandchildren.

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