Course Description

Nobody wants to be bored or disengaged while learning or teaching online. This course is designed to help you to ensure your students and you stay engaged while teaching and learning in an online environment. It will show you how to create a positive online working environment for yourself, and how to use creative teaching strategies to ensure learner engagement and well-being.

Course Author

Course Author Paul Ashe

Paul Ashe is based in Spain and has been involved in the world of EFL since 1997. He has had many hats within the ELT sector including materials writing and editing for different publishers, Teacher Training (online and face-to-face), Educational Consultancy, Director & Director of Studies and has had the pleasure of teaching teachers and training Academic Managers all over the world. Paul has been training teachers online since 2016 and published his first article about using technology in the classroom in 2007 and is still experimenting with new ideas.