Course Description

In this course, we provide a description of what to expect in the young learners’ classroom for teachers who haven’t had much experience teaching children. We will first explore what’s unique about teaching young learners, compared to teaching adults. Then, we’ll look at some critical classroom management techniques that all teachers of young learners should master. Finally, we’ll look at a handful of techniques you can draw on to enable effective language learning by the young learners in your class.

Course Author

Course Author Daniel Barber

Daniel is a teacher, teacher trainer and writer based in the south of Spain. He’s been teaching for over 25 years: in Mexico, the UK and Spain. As well as helping establish and run a language and teacher training school in Cádiz, he’s written for several publishers and self-published, too. He tutors on Trinity Certificate and Diploma TESOL courses and runs teacher development workshops at conferences. He’s written course books for primary and secondary school students, National Geographic Learning’s Look and Perspectives. Recently, he co-founded ELT footprint, a group dedicated to lessening the environmental impact of the ELT industry.