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Videos can be a great source of authentic input in the language classroom. We love them! But without associated tasks, video-watching is simply a passive experience for learners, and will not necessarily assist learners to achieve learning outcomes. Listening tasks need to be designed, which guide learners to interact appropriately with the video material, based on their learning needs.

This course will show you how to embed your active listening tasks into your chosen video at the appropriate moments. With these technical skills, you can transform any video into an interactive exercise, which your students can work through from any device.

Please note that you will need an internet connection to access the material in this course. Because it contains embedded content, it cannot be completed offline.


Course Author

Course Author

Miranda Verswijvelen

Miranda has been working for more than a decade in the eLearning industry. She is currently working as a freelance consultant and embarking on a PhD in education. She is passionate about creating high quality learning materials, and is particularly keen on gamification and action mapping as key parts of learning design. Miranda is a multilingual speaker herself, and through her partnership with Language Fuel, she aims to enrich the practice of language teachers with some of the latest elearning concepts.

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