Course Description

This course is for teachers of all levels who feel they want to deepen their understanding of motivating their learners. Upon completing this course, teachers will be able to better understand the concept of motivation and its role in learning; know the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation and be able to identify activities that motivate learners extrinsically and have developed awareness of techniques teachers can purposefully plan for to develop learners’ intrinsic motivation.

Course Author

Course Author Anna Hasper

Anna has been involved in teaching, training and materials writing for 20 years. She is a primary-trained teacher and is CELTA and Delta qualified with an MEd in Education. Anna is currently based in Dubai and has worked in a wide range of global contexts for ministries, educational institutes and leading educational publishers. She is an experienced Delta module 3 tutor and a CELTA tutor and assessor. She is passionate about teaching Young Learner, IELTS and teacher development and regularly presents at international conferences for publishers. She develops teacher development materials and also writes blogs and articles. Her research interests are educational psychology, teacher development and enhancing effective learning and teaching.