Course Description

At the level of the word, there are two main aspects of pronunciation to understand. First, any English word with more than one syllable has one syllable which is stressed more than the others. This course will teach you what syllables are, how English speakers stress syllables, and how to teach word stress. Second, some words in English have a 'weak' version, which is to say they can be pronounced in an 'unstressed' way. This course will explain which words can be said weak, how they are pronounced weakly, and how to teach your students to use weak forms.

Course Author

Managing Director & Course Author Joanna Smith

Joanna is a passionate linguist. After completing her Masters in linguistics, she taught languages and trained language teachers for over a decade. She also spent time researching best practice with a specialty in pronunciation teaching. For a handful of recent years, she worked in the corporate arena as a Learning and Development manager, where she designed, delivered and managed training programs in both face to face and online modes for staff globally. Since 2016, Joanna has combined her language and business expertise by developing the brand Language Fuel.