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In this course, we provide a guide of how to teach new vocabulary in the primary classroom for teachers who have little experience with this age group.  We will first explore what learning a new word involves in a young learners context. Then, we’ll look at some techniques that are effective with children, focusing on four aspects of teaching vocabulary: meaningpronunciationwriting and form.

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Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners

Maria Fernanda Rodriquez

Course Author

Course Author

Katherine Bilsborough

Katherine Bilsborough is an ELT author and trainer with more than 30 years’ experience. She has published print and digital courses for most ages and levels but specializes in primary. Katherine has two main areas of interest, (1) increasing the focus of environmental and sustainability issues into teaching materials and (2) training teachers how to create excellent, principled materials for their classrooms. She is the author of How to write primary materials (ELT Teacher2Writer) and is a founding member of the award winning global community, ELT Footprint.