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In this first course about error, we take the time to really look at the concept of error. We begin by identifying different types of errors. When we know that, we then need to decide what caused the student to make the error. We round off by looking at when errors can best be corrected and who is the best person to correct them. It may not always be the teacher!  


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It was fantastic!

Massoud Rahimpour

5 star rating

Understanding Errors in the Language Classroom

Maria Fernanda Rodriquez

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Course Author Niki Joseph

Niki Joseph is an ELT materials writer, teacher trainer and teacher. She holds an MA in Education. She has written successful ELT materials for a variety of global and local publishers. Her writing portfolio includes course books, workbooks, teacher’s guides and teacher training materials. She has also contributed to a reader series. Niki has taught all ELT to all ages and levels in many different countries. She particularly enjoys lower levels and primary or preschool. But she loves the challenge of a C2 class as well! She is a keen teacher trainer and has recently trained in India. She also work as a speaking examiner. These experiences all help her to make her writing real for the learner – student or teacher. During her free time, she works with her horses trying to figure out how to communicate more clearly and effectively with them.