Why should you choose Language Fuel for the professional development of your English language teaching team?

  • Courses are 100% on-demand and online.  Professional development can happen anywhere, anytime. 

  • Affordable price. Only a fraction of what guest speakers, teacher trainers or seminars can cost.  

  • We are not a replacement for the PD activities happening in your organization, but an outstanding ready-to-use tool to incorporate into your sessions.

  • Our top-tier authors (see for yourself) are benchmarking in their fields, which guarantees the quality and relevance of our courses.

  • Over 90 courses with new ones added periodically. There are courses for everyone, regardless of their level of experience or training. 

  • Each course is only 20 minutes long. They fit your team’s busy lives.  

Language Fuel in Action


Paloma has a group of visiting students arriving in her class tomorrow. She wants to make sure she’s doing what she can to foster great group dynamics between the new and the existing students.


Mariko has found an awesome YouTube video to use in her class tomorrow. It’s long, though, so she’s looking for ways to break it up, and put in some comments and questions, to guide students as they watch.


Gary walks out of his class with a sore throat. He suspects he’s talking too much in his class, and wants to find other ways to communicate with his students.
  • How we help

    With a Language Fuel subscription, Paloma, Mariko and Gary are all able to get the input they need, right when they need it. Their individual needs are met, and their Director of Studies does not need to prepare three different sessions!

  • Download and reflect

    Each course has a downloadable PDF to help them reflect on their learning and put it into practice. When it comes to their annual performance review, they are able to pull out their portfolio to show their DOS what they have been working on throughout the year.

  • Manage courses

    As the person responsible for PD, you can suggest appropriate courses for your staff when they express the desire to learn more, or when an evaluation suggests further training could assist. You may even like to encourage organization-wide focus on a particular topic each month, to encourage staff to share their learning, and focus their sharing of best practice.

Do you provide pre-service teacher training?

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